The Stoney Dictionary was made possible by the Stoney Nakoda First Nation, the Stoney Education Authority, and the contributions of numerous language consultants, advisors, linguists, and technical staff from the Stoney Nakoda community, neighbouring communities in Alberta, and beyond. We are proud to acknowledge each contribution.

We would like to acknowledge the Stoney Elders, knowledge keepers and educators who are no longer with us. They were the trailblazers for the Stoney language and worked for many decades to document, preserve and maintain the Stoney Nakoda language for generations to come - Piîginabich!

Collectively, the following people have created a volume that will help preserve the beautiful Stoney language for future generations.

We are grateful to the Stoney Education Authority Team: Superintendent Bill Shade, Education Coordinators Tanja Nicol and Cherith Mark, Executive Assistant Wanita White, and Financial Controller Babatunde Onasanya. This project would not have been possible without their dedication.

We are extremely grateful to the many speakers and supporters who have contributed their voices and their knowledge to the dictionary over the past two years, including Lloyd Buddy Wesley, Linda Chiniquay, Charlie Rabbit, Clarice Kootenay, Terry Rider, Winnifred Beaver, Lawrence Crawler, Corleigh Powderface, Sykes Powderface, Phillomene Stevens, Virgil Stephens, Brenda Wesley, Ollie Benjamin, Kathleen Poucette, Jackson Wesley, Virginia Wesley, Clarence Wesley, Kathleen Holloway, Henry Holloway, Colleen Crawler, Travis Rider, Reatha Mark, Troy Crawler, Irene Baptiste, Kelly Poucette, Vivian Rider, Jeff Hunter, Delia Poucette, Fred Powderface, Glenda Crawler, Johnny Ear, Dianne Ridsdale, Everett Wesley, Margaret Rider, Cassandra Poucette, Laura Ear, Una Wesley, Duane Mark, Isabella Goodstoney, Trudy Wesley, JR Twoyoungmen, Pauline Twoyoungmen, Tina Poucette, Trent Fox, Heather Cressman, John Wesley, Karen Wildman, Glen Stephens, Tracey Stevens, Myrna Koko Powderface, Albertine Goodstoney, Tyson Crawler, Muriel Labelle, Pamela Labelle, Germaine Labelle, Myra Labelle, Alana Wahpooseywan, Lori Kootenay, Evelyn House, Barbara Hunter, Van Poucette, Sharon Benjamin, B. Ann Yorke, A. Linda Twoyoungmen, Gloria Snow, and William Snow.

We would also like to thank the staff at The Language Conservancy, particularly the Dictionary Editors Corey Telfer, Alexandra O’Neil, Dusan Nikolic, Grant Aiton, Willem de Reuse, Bob Rugh, Coleton Hast, Leslie Fink, Jillian Danaher, Abbie Hantgan-Sonko, Eric Adell, Jeremiah Aviel, Holly Lemna and Jonah Wolf. We are also grateful for the work of the Project Development Team: Wilhelm Meya, Heike Meya, Dorothea Hoffmann, and Adelaide Petrov-Yoo; Event Coordinators Katie Norman, Brianna Hughes, and Samantha Hintz; Technical Directors Elliot Thornton, Logan Swango, and Sam Gerhart; Graphic Designers Bruce Morgan and Tommy DeNardo; and Linguistic Interns Veronica Valente, Ryan Elward, and Francisco Orejarena.

Additional contributors to the Rapid Word Collection process were scribes Marek Kupiec, Karolina Kupiec, Erin McGarvey, Lex Giesbrecht, Darin Flynn, Merion Hodgson, Brett Nelson, Adam Hundert, Marielle Butters, Patricia McDonough, Samson Lotven, and Sydney Rey.